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Minicoolers Range
RA80 small fridge Link
RA140 small fridges Link
EAO300c mini fridge Link
EAO600 mini fridges Link
EAO610c compact fridge Link
DS200 mini cooler Link
DS300 mini refrigerators Link
DS400 minicooler Link
DS600 mini cooler Link
Pharmacy Range
DS301H Vaccine fridge lockable medicine fridges Link
DS601H medical fridge lockable pharmacy fridges Link
RPDF0012D vaccine portable Link
RLDF0110 medical fridges Link
RLDF0210 medical refrigerator Link
RLDF0510 vaccine refrigerator Link
RLDF1010 pharmacy fridge Link
RLDF1310 labcold refrigerator Link
RLDF1510 medical labcold fridges Link
RLDG0510 pharmacy refrigerator Glass Door Link
RLDG1010 pharmacy fridges Glass Door Link
RLDG1310 labcold refrigerators Link
RLDG1510 medical labcold fridge Link
DS300H Pharmacy lockable medicine fridge Link
DS600H Pharmacy lockable medical fridges Link
miniBar Range
HiPro 3000 mini bar fridge Link
HiPro 4000 mini bars Link
HiPro 6000 miniBar fridge Link
HiPro Vision miniBars Link
RH465LD design MiniBars Link
RH440LDG mini-bar fridge Link
RH461LDG mini-bar fridge Link
RH423LDA small mini bar Link
RH429LDAG classic glass door Fridge Link
RH439LD classic mini-bar fridge Link
RH439LDAG classic minibar glass fridge Link
RH449LD classic mini-bars Link
RH449LDAG classic mini-bar glass door Link
RH569LD classic mini-bar Link
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Pharmacy & Medical Links
Holiday Home Torrevieja Spain Link
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Home - low link
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Testimonials Link
Price Match Link
Minicoolers Range - low link
Defrosting Medicine Fridge Link
Fuzzy Logic Link
Ventilation Link
hospital white, office anthracite colour Link
optional extras Link
Medical Fridge Maintenance Link
Minicoolers Discontinued Range - low link
WA3100 Minicooler Link
WA3200 60 Litre Mini-Coolers Link
WA3210 60 Litre Mini-Cooler Link
Dometic Electrolux RA122H Link
MR60 Link
miniCool EAW3220 Link
EA3255 compact fridges Link
Mini Bars Discontinued Range
RH455LD design MiniBars Link
RH023LDA clasic MiniBars Link
RH023LDAG Link
Silver Giant discontinued
RH456LD design miniBar discontinued
Black Box discontinued
Silver Giant discontinued
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