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Labcold Pharmacy Fridge Features

Four Button Controller

The simple to use four button interface is clearly labelled. It allows minimum/maximum temperatures to be displayed at the touch of a button.It also shows clearly which alarm is active and why, making remedial action easy. A clear LED display shows the internal temperature of the fridge to one decimal place.
Labcold four button interface

Labcold divided drawer system

Labcold divided drawer system is designed to ensure that stock can be kept neatly and in optimum conditions. As highlighted by the NPSA ‘Guide to the Design of the Dispensing Environment’, in order to avoid dispensing errors and ensure good stock rotation an uncluttered fridge is a must. These drawers aid this by allowing products to be kept in date order and the user to pick stock without distrubing other products or medicines nearby.

Labcold’s unique easy glide pharmacy fridge drawers ensure that stock can be easily seen and retrieved. The dividers help to prevent different products from becoming mixed or confused. Not only does this save time because you can immediately select the correct product, but it aids patient safety by making it easy to keep medicines neatly and in date order.

These drawers are available to fit the larger pharmacy fridges and can be purchased individually, and retro fitted, allowing you to have a mixture of shelves and drawers depending on the individual requirements of your pharmacy.

Labcold four button interface

Labcold FREE SD Card

once the Labcold warranty is registered, a complimentary SD card will be sent which can be used to download all the temperature data stored by the controller. This can also be used to extract short term data if, for example, there is a suspected temperature incursion; data can be downloaded and used to prove the viability of the contents.

Labcold SD Card

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